The First Lady Is Sharing Her Secrets Of Looking Absolutely Flawless


Melania’s wearing clothes tight enough showing she is a woman, and loose enough proving she’s a lady and that owes to her healthy lifestyle.

Though, Melania Trump is no longer a model, she still manages to maintain her slim figure by keeping the same breakfast routine and avoiding the latest dieting trends.
Melania decided to share her secrets how she keeps off the weight and what she eats daily to maintain her slim figure.

As Express reported, the first lady shared all of her of her dieting secrets when being previously interviewed with GQ. Trump starts everyday with a solid breakfast loaded with full of vitamins and fiber. This usually means a bowl of oatmeal and fruit or a smoothie.

She also eats as much fruit as possible in order to reach a goal of around seven pieces of fruit before the day is over. However, she also revealed that she doesn’t afraid to indulge in some chocolate, though admits she does it cautiously.

When it comes to her favorite meal, according to Diet News, Trump enjoys a Chicken Parmigianino from Jean Georges in New York City. Her favorite drink, meanwhile, is a diet coke, though she prefers ones that are from a glass bottle. Trump, also said that she doesn’t indulge her sweet tooth often and considers that a person’s diet should include mostly healthy foods.

Melania Trump Didn’t Hesitate To Share A Few Other Beauty Secrets

Apart from her diet that helps her maintain her supermodel looks, People revealed that Trump usually goes to bed early and gets plenty of sleep as a result. She’s also not a fond of social events and prefers to stay at home with family, which helps her stay away from late nights.

Trump also maintains a regular workout schedule. Rather than a rigorous routine, however, Trump keeps her exercises to daily walks complete with light ankle weights. She also confirmed she had never gone under the knife and says that she’s never had facial injections or Botox. Trump claims that her beauty is natural and says that she will age gracefully when the time comes.

Considering how well Melania Trump has kept up her trim look over the years, her diet and exercise routines are clearly worth maintaining. Whether or not this proves to be true over the next three years, of course, is another matter.

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