‘Westworld’ Actress Says the ‘Next Dam to Break’ Could Wipe Out Hollywood and Vindicate Corey Feldman


Hollywood has been in turmoil over the last several weeks, reeling in the aftermath of the Harvey Weinstein scandal — but as more and more comes out about Weinstein, it is becoming apparent he was not the only problem.

Actress Emma Thompson recalled her own experience, saying, “I spent my 20s trying to get old men’s tongues out of my mouth.” Brat Packer Molly Ringwald detailed experiences with her own “Harvey Weinsteins.”

But Evan Rachel Wood (“Westworld”) said Tuesday it’s only going to get worse:

And she isn’t the only one shining a light on what many are now saying is the other “open secret” in Hollywood: inappropriate behavior of adults toward minors.

One talent agent, Tyler Grasham, has already been fired, per The Hollywood Reporter:

Blaise Godbe Lipman (“Weeds”) accused Grasham of harassment:

Jordan Gavaris (“Orphan Black”) also accused Grasham of repeated harassment:

And they weren’t alone:

Now, Grasham’s agency is suffering the consequences — at least two clients have now reportedly cut ties over the allegations, per The Hollywood Reporter and The Wrap:

What’s truly terrifying about the implications of Wood’s statement is that the early whistle-blowers like Corey Feldman may have been right all along, and if more people had listened, more predators could have been stopped sooner.

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