Melania Enjoyed A Family Night Out With Her Husband President Donald Trump And Son Barron At Dc Hotel –the Reason Will Amaze You


The First Lady Melania Trump enjoyed a family night out with her husband President Donald Trump and their 11-year old son Barron, as they dined at DC hotel property on Saturday. They spent two hours dining at the hotel restaurant on Saturday and after that they headed the White House.

The Commander-in-Chief arrived at the Trump International Hotel after 8pm, and later met with Melania and their son Barron, who were waiting for him inside the establishment.

This is the first time Barron has been seen in public since August 27, when he was seen returning from a brief overnight trip to Camp David. The First Lady, as well as many celebrities, kept their children out of spotlight during the school year.

Their 11-year-old son Barron is now attending St. Andrew’s Episcopal School in Potomac, Maryland, which is located 30 minutes from the White House.

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The place for the meal wasn’t chose randomly, since President Donald only is having dinner at establishments that bear his name in the nation’s capitol since taking office.

The First Lady, who obviously prefers to keep it simple, appeared at the DC hotel in a black, knee-length dress that seemed to be from her favorite Italian design duo, Dolce & Gabbana.

She paired that with Christian Louboutin black patent leather stilettos. She wore a massive 25-carat diamond ring that the president bought her for their tenth anniversary.

The three spent two hours at the restaurant before heading back to the White House on Saturday, getting into the presidential limo at 10:17pm and arriving back at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue just a few minutes later.

People were waiting in lines to cheer for President Trump, who waved them before he got into his vehicle ahead of the First Lady and First son.

It is still unknown who accompanied the three for dinner since the press pool was not allowed inside the hotel and instead held in the motorcade for the duration of the two-hour meal.

President Trump’s dinner date at his DC hotel marked his second visit to a Trump property that day, having previously played a round of golf at the Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, Virginia earlier that afternoon.

He was joined once again by Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, who last Monday tweeted that President Trump had shot a one-over par 73 on the same court in wet and windy conditions.

That claim soon came under fire by many, who called the score ‘impossible’ given the conditions and difficulty of the course.

Senator Graham did not post any information on President Trump’s performance or score on social media after their round on Saturday.

It was back to the golf course again on Sunday for President Trump, though this time he brought along a new friends, Senator Rand Paul.

A spokesperson for Senator Paul said after the round that the two had a great time playing together.

And when asked who won, the politician from Kentucky said: ‘The President never loses, didn’t you know? The President and his partner beat myself and my partner by three holes. He’s a little better golfer than I am, admittedly, but we had a good time.’
He then made some comments about tax reform and healthcare before heading back home.

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