Doctor Curses Out Patient Who Complained About Waiting for Too Long and It’s All Caught on Video


No one likes waiting in the doctor’s office, although the only thing that could be worse is getting yelled at by the doctor himself.

Florida resident Jessica Stipe went to Gainesville After Hours Clinic hoping to be treated since she was “severely sick,” she wrote on her Facebook.

Jessica Stipe/Facebook

Stipe, who was with her daughter at the time, noted that she had an appointment at 6:30. After being there for over an hour she had yet to be seen, despite the fact that she was in “severe pain and throwing up in the trash can.”

In light of the exceedingly long wait, Stipe requested her money back since she felt the doctor’s office was not doing their job in caring for her. When the doctor found out she was demanding her money back, he came into the lobby where a huge confrontation began, all of which was caught on film by Stipe’s daughter, New York Daily News reports.

Stipe can be heard saying she feels that people with an appointment should be accommodated in a “timely manner,” insinuating the doctors had failed to do this.

The physician proceeded to get frustrated, raising his voice when he noted they had already given her a urine test and he had met with her.

However, Stipe refuted his response saying they had done nothing to actually treat her.

Stipe, who appears exhausted, told the physician she wants to go home, which is when he snapped at her yelling to “get the hell out.”

Moments later he yelled:

“Get the f**k out of my office.”

Jessica Stipe/Facebook

Stipe threatened to report him to the Better Business Bureau, which is when her daughter noted she got the whole thing on film.

The doctor became infuriated by this, snatching the phone and proceeding to walk away.

The video ends with Stipe threatening to call the police, however, since posting the video to Facebook, Stipe has spoken further on the incident.

Continuing to condemn the doctor’s behavior, Stipe stated she is unable to press charges, writing on Facebook:

Gpd is here now but says we can’t press assault charges even though it’s all on tape because she has no injury .. wtf .. he took her phone and shoved her she is a minor …. never go there for medical care.

You can see the whole confrontation below:

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