P Diddy Has a Dream To Own all-Black NFL Football League


Liberals are angry because NFL is losing the ultimate war against President Trump. From the shockingly low ratings to the suspension of the activist- sportscaster Jemele Hill at ESPN, patriots are demonstrating how they really feel about NFL payers protesting the anthem.

But instead accepting the fact that people do not want to politics in their sports, some celebrities are still fighting.

Take a look at artist Sean “P. Diddy” tweet.

It seems that he changes dreams just as frequently as stage names.

He is angry at NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell because he called the player to “honor our flag.”

But to be fair, given the massive backlash to the politicization of the NFL, Combs may have a better chance of succeeding with an NFL replacement than previous rival league attempts if he made it politics-free.

But he doesn’t want to do that.

Wait, you mean NFL players most whom are black don’t have incredible, luxurious lives.

What Combs is thinking when he says “our” own league is a football league focused on black people. It seems like the artist’s football “dream” is completely different than Martin Luther King, Jr.’s dream.

But every sane person knows Combs isn’t going anywhere. As singer’s fan comments, NFL ratings are going down. Anyhow, the low rating is just because Americans are truly tired of dishonoring to our flag.

Does Combs really believe that a league devoted to protests inspired by Kaepernick can increase the viewership? Dream on, Diddy!

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