PHOTOS: Melania Trump Stuns in Festive Red Skirt at Hispanic Heritage Month Event


Melania Trump put on a very festive display as she supported her husband at a Hispanic Heritage Month event on Friday, adding a bit of fun to the occasion with a bright and bold outfit.

The bottom half of the 47-year-old’s ensemble seemed inspired by Latin culture in her choice of ensemble, picking a bright red skirt with a ruffled mermaid hem that was reminiscent of traditional flamenco-style skirts.

Meanwhile, her figure-hugging off-white sweater was not dissimilar to the styles worn by ‘sweater girls’ like Jayne Mansfield, Marilyn Monroe, and Jane Russell, who sparked a trend in the 40s and 50s of wearing round-neck, skin-tight knits in order to emphasize their chests.

At the time, the screen sirens wore their sweaters over conical or bullet-shaped bras in order to truly emphasize their bustline as much as possible – a style choice that Melania opted not to copy.

Instead the First Lady added her own form of flair with a bright bold pair of shoes, pairing the scarlet skirt, which featured fun floral embellishments around the hem, and white top with a pair of red heels.

The bright pop of color ensured she stood out from the crowd as she joined her husband onstage, alongside several other attendees who were all clad in dark suits.

Not one to usually crack a large smile — especially one that bares teeth — Melania seemed to be in an especially buoyant mood, as she showed off her pearly whites with a glowing grin as she mounted the stage — to cheers from the audience.

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