Expert Reveals What The Melania And Ivanka’s Body Language Tells About Their Relationship


Donald Trump seems to have two right-hand women-his wife Melania, 47, who holds the title of First Lady and accompanies her husband on almost all matters of state, and his eldest daughter Ivanka, 35, who has an evolving role in Trump’s White House and has even been known to attend events in the absence of her father.

But working in such close proximity on a regular basis, what do both women really think of one another?

We have Judi James, a body language expert, who gives her verdict on basis of performed analysis of three pictures of the ladies seen interacting with another on separate occasions.

Speaking to Judi said: “Prior to his stint in The White House appeared to like nothing better than posing with these two women as bookends, flanking him on either side and positioned as equals to one another (if not him). This look seemed to have the objective of raising his alpha profile and both women seemed to play along, complimenting his all-powerful male look by posing like beauty pageant queens.

“Now their roles have taken a different and more serious tone with Melania as FLOTUS, following in the footsteps of one of the most charismatic First Ladies ever, while Ivanka plays the role of King’s Hand, chief support, adviser and even stand-in at world leadership occasions.

“The role of First Lady seems to have driven Melania into a Mount Rushmore-esqe stony facial expression at times and those times are often when she is around her step-daughter. Ivanka, on the other hand, often seems to adopt a more active role in terms of presenting the pair as close fiends and allies but Melania’s responses don’t often create a complimentary ‘fit’, making her sometimes appear rather frosty in response to Ivanka’s friendlier-looking facial expressions.”

Picture one – the inauguration

melania trump

Apparently, the ladies didn’t choose matching outfits which would project an impression of sisterly unite here, but while judging after the Ivanka’s face expression she seems like wanting to chat to her stepmother, Melania is staring coldly ahead which looks suspiciously like an “ignore“.

Their touching arms indicate on pleasant closeness, but Melania’s formal response makes her look higher in status here, as though she takes the whole business of high office more seriously.

Picture two – chatting

melania trump

Ivanka seems to accept the role of a more youthful ’daughter’ now and again, using poses with her father and this over-congruent, fun smile with her step mother. 
Ivanka’s size of smile is promoting a look of open jollity, but we cannot see her eye expression because of the mirror glasses she wears, however we can see some approval signals form Melania.

The pose part-way works. You can see Melania’s face reflected in Ivanka’s shades and she is smiling but this is a long way from their ‘book end’ days of total mirroring as the smile is much more tempered than Ivanka’s.

Picture three – sitting together

melania trump

There are several signals of rapport here, from the mirrored, upright torsos and the proximity of the hand clasps to the way the legs are crossed toward one another, but there is no connection in terms of facial response (they are even looking in different directions) that could suggest warmth.

There is one rather telling factor in terms of the women’s different approaches to formal occasions too. Confidence and status can be shown in the size of the armpit gap. A large splay (when someone sits with their hands behind their head for instance) will signal overconfidence and arrogance while a total lack of splay can show anxiety and a lack of confidence via a desire to self-hug.

Ivanka’s ‘upturned V’ gap lowers her shoulders and stretches the line of her neck as well as providing the ‘ideal’ subtle arm splay that signals high levels of confidence and status.

Melania on the other hand is self-diminished. Her arms are clamped to her sides, closing the gap under the armpit and raising the shoulders in a way that suggests higher levels of tension or anxiety and even subconscious feelings of being under ‘attack’.

Donald Trump and Ivanka Trump appear to have a close relationship both as father and daughter and business-wise, but what does the pair’s body language when they are together really reveal about their relationship?

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