Find Out Where Melania And Donald Trump Are Going To Spend Their Holiday


After experiencing a rough week at the White House and the success achieved in the field of economy, this Thursday morning, President Donald Trump took to Twitter and announced he is going to spend a on holiday at his private golf club in New Jersey, for 17 days, starting this Friday.

The White House has already started their August vacation and the Senate is in expectation of cutting back an extended two-week session this August and leave at the end of the week. His trip overlaps with the replacing of the heating and cooling system in the White House’s West Wing, which means that those who work there will leave at the end of the week.

GOP Senators’vacation will end earlier, since leadership has to lock down deals on the several items on the agenda. The Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced that they would postpone the summer break in order to speed up the backlog of nominations and legislations, so therefore the Senate will return in Washington by the end of the week.

So typical for the presidents to go on their holidays in August, but Trump, unlike the former Presidents, instead of spending his holiday in luxurious apartments overseas, in order to save up on our budget, he decided to go at his private golf club in New Jersey, which makes him EXCEPTIONAL.

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