We Go Behind The Scenes With The Trump Family


CONFIDENTIALITY is considered as the most appreciated characteristic in personal makeup artists by celebrities and high profile families. Once you enter their homes they must feel that they have someone to rely on and trust in, as well as sharing private moments without feeling uncomfortable. I write this blog today in order to answer the questions I’ve been repeatedly asked about and without breaking this honor code of conduct to share some cute behind the scenes moments with this special family.

The Trumps

When you work for the world most famous family, the Trumps, it doesn’t come as a surprise being continuously bombarded with a plethora of questions like: “What does it look like inside of their apartment?” to “Is Melania as beautiful without makeup as she is with makeup?” “Do Donald and Melania really get along or is it just an act?” “What is Ivanka like? Is she nice or is she tough like her dad?” “Have you ever spoken to Donald or does he ignore you?” “Tell me the truth, is the Donald going to run for president?” “Is he harsh like he is on The Apprentice? And, of course the BIG one… “Do YOU do the Donald’s hair????” Well, finally, to all those who have emailed, texted, tweeted, Facebooked and asked, here is what life is like for me inside the golden gate of Trump-ville…

trump family

When I arrive in their home, I am welcomed by the kindest doormen and elevator men in all of NY, who graciously carry my makeup kit for me wearing their pristine white gloves in the elevator and up to the entrance of the Trump’s golden sky palace/triplex on the 66 th floor where Donald, Melania and Barron live. I can never get enough of their their majestic golden “door” entrance, the crystal chandeliers, the marble floors, tables and bathrooms, the Renoir paintings and the panoramic floor to ceiling windows with views of my city that are the most extraordinary i’ve never seen. Although you are in a kingdom, for me this is a resting place that provides serenity from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

trump family

I ring the golden doorbell which signalizes my arrival. Melania is usually the one who opens the massive golden door to welcome me. Even without a stitch of hair and makeup at this time, she is still the most stunning and most beautiful woman in the world. One couldn’t help oneself but not to fall in love with her smile that could melt a city, her piercing steel-blue eyes, her delicate, feminine voice and sweet Slovenian accent. Apart from being beautiful from the outside, she also has inner beauty, she is always a gracious hostess, she always asks me: Are you thirsty? Hungry? Can I offer you something to drink or eat? I can even order you up something if you prefer?” Her charm, warmth and European sensibility put me at ease and she time and time again makes me feel very welcome in her home. Thank you Melania! Xo.

As hair master Mordechai Alvow of Yarok and I work our magic on this New York City princessa, Mr.Trump is usually coming back home from a long day “at the office“. Upon his arriving, he first greets his amazing wife. Mr. Trump and his wife Melania are undoubtedly a perfect couple. I have always be delighted with the fact how well they get along, how they always show respect for each other and how they stick together! DEFINETLY, THEY ARE A PERFECT EXAMPLE OF HOW A HAPPY COUPLE SHOULD LOOK LIKE!!! Being in their company it is a real pleasure!

trump family

Then, Mr. Trump knocks himself out in getting ready for the evening event, which includes him doing HIS OWN HAIR!!!!! (I don’t work on Mr. Trump FYI, only the beautiful woman in his life) while I finish makeup and Mordechai finishes hair on Melania. When we are done, she gets dressed and we are packing things to leave.  At this time, Trump is impressively refreshed and ready for the red carpet and while waiting for his wife he usually asks me questions like: “So how did you enjoy flying in my helicopter last week to QVC?” Or “How did you enjoy flying in my airplane to the Oprah show?” As I am a huge lover of private aviation I could chat with him about this ad nauseam but to these specific questions I truthfully respond, “Mr. Trump your helicopter is absolutely the best ride in town!” And… “I imagine that your airplane is the next best thing to Air Force One. It’s even cooler than the Gulfstream 5 jet which was the best private airplane ride I had ever experienced until having now flown on the Trump-mobile! I am seriously ruined for life. How will I ever be able to fly commercial again lol???”

trump family

HIS POLITICAL CAREER IS NEVER OUR TOPIC FOR DISCUSION!!!!! LOL, I HAVE NO IDEA what his plans are in or out of Washington, but even if I did I would never tell anyone about it. This is one Trump question in particular that always makes me laugh by the way. 🙂

trump family

I remember once after the interview between Donald and Melania and Larry King Live finished, at the CNN building in NYC, Mr. Trump asked me and Mordechai to join him and his wife for dinner in the restaurant at his Trump Soho Hotel. Of course, we felt honored to join and went with them to the restaurant. I must admit it is an incredible feeling walking into a Trump Hotel with the man himself. At dinner, Mr. Trump asked me what my favorite makeup products were and why? Which brands did I think were cutting edge? He then proceeded to tell me that he thought I did a spectacular job on his wife and thanked me for my work which I thought was extremely generous of him to express out loud. He was fun, friendly and warm to those of us sitting at his intimate dinner table and, of course, attracted every celebrity in the place. At one point I believe even magician David Blaine made a cameo at our table to say hello. I will definitely never forget this evening.

trump family

About Ivanka Trump? The First daughter of New Yourk, she is a gorgeous knockout! Clever, accomplished, HARD WORKING and totally dedicated to her family (all the Trumps are quite family dedicated actually, they are a seriously close knit family). Ivanka is undoubtedly the most well-spoken woman I have ever known. Her use of the English language is SUPERIOR and impressive and each time I work with her I somehow feel a mile smarter by the end of the day!!! She is a charming, elegant, no-nonsense, down to earth and cool kind of gal.

For those of you who are forever wondering, I can genuinely report that I have had nothing but a positive experience working for the Trumps. They have always been generous and gracious to me. Media is media and it’s spun in whichever way ratings and such need them to spin so think what you will about them, but I am here to tell you that on a human level The Trumps are first and foremost a family and actually have their act together more than most high-profile families I know. I wish them continued success and longevity and thank them for all they have contributed and continue to contribute to my life.

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