Amputee Veteran Wounded by Iranian IED Rips Into Obama Admin. for Iran Deal, Shares Two Pictures


Note: This article contains coarse language that may offend or disturb some readers.

With President Donald Trump officially pulling out of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, also known as the Iran deal, one Army veteran wanted to get ahead of the criticisms from former Obama administration officials.

J.R. Salzman was wounded by an Iranian IED while he was on deployment in Baghdad. He tweeted at former Obama foreign policy adviser and speechwriter Ben Rhodes to make sure he heard his message:

Salzman has written about the incident before, which he still feels the effects of to this day:

Salzman told IJR that he’s just one of many who were affected by the EFPs.

“What seems to be lost on a lot of people in this whole debate is how the troops were affected,” Salzman said. “I was one of hundreds who were injured or killed by EFPs. Those f**king things were scary because we knew they could come through our armor.

“Many of the arm amputees I was in the hospital with at Walter Reed were also arm amputees,” he added.

During his announcement on Tuesday, Trump said sanctions will be reimposed on Iran.

“America will not be held hostage by nuclear blackmail,” he said. “We will not allow American cities to be threatened with destruction, and we will not allow a regime that chants ‘Death to America’ to gain access to the most deadly weapons on Earth.”

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