President Trump Just Landed in Florida and Got the Surprise of a Lifetime


President Trump departed the White House this morning en route to Miami, Florida where he held a roundtable with American citizens and listened to their thoughts on the passing of the tax cuts earlier this year.

Trump held the roundtable in Hialeah, Florida with several politicians and community business leaders. He touted the simplicity of the tax code that will be seen this time next year.

He also slammed the brutal dictators of both Cuba and Venezuela, which earned him much applause from the audience that was present.

After finishing the roundtable, Trump boarded Air Force One and departed to West Palm Beach, Florida where he will travel to Mar-a-Lago resort.

As soon as he stepped off the plane, Trump could hear huge applause and cheering from a large crowd gathered for his arrival. He briefly stepped to the side of the car and gave them several waves before departing the airport.

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