Video: 93-Year-Old Shares Infectious Laughter During Weekly Workout


“Never stop working out — I mean it!” declares 93-year-old Helene Z. Miller, whose enjoyment of exercise is adorably infectious.

A recent video of Miller laughing heartily during a weekly workout has captured the hearts of the internet, and we have a feeling she’ll make you smile, too.

Miller is living what many would call a dream life of longevity, days surrounded by vibrant activities, friendship, and regular exercise.

She sings in the church choir, enjoys a game of bridge, and practices her calligraphy, in addition to prioritizing her physical health.

While Miller’s healthy, active lifestyle may give the impression she is unaffected by illness, she too has had health struggles. After a frightening health scare several years ago, Miller became resolved to live her remaining days to the fullest.

Miller found herself a team of passionate personal trainers, including 46-year-old Elizabeth Zanin, who works at Anytime Fitness in Pierre, South Dakota.

Three times a week for the past two years, Miller and Zanin have worked together on balance, coordination, and strength.

On Feb. 14, Zanin’s daughter, 18-year-old Joana Zanin, shared a video of the 93-year-old seated in a chair, laughing her way through her weekly workout. Music blasting, Miller’s enthusiastic laugh filled the gym as she followed her personal trainer’s instruction.

“My mom trains this (93-year-old) and it’s the cutest thing ever,” Joana wrote on Twitter. “Her laugh and smile (make) her young.”

Miller quickly became an internet sensation, becoming an unexpected poster-grandma for health. In an interview with TODAY, Miller expressed the irreplaceable role that exercise has played in her life.

“When I don’t go (to the gym), I’m like a different person,” Miller told TODAY. “It gives me something to look forward to.”

Elizabeth Zanin hopes the video will inspire others to get active, too. Over the years, Zanin has witnessed older people give up on trying to stay fit, but Zanin’s encouraging message is this: “the best thing you can do is exercise.”

A positive attitude goes a long way, and Miller appears to be full of positivity. “She always comes in with the best attitude,” Zanin said of her trainee.

The teenage Zanin has also been inspired by Miller’s zest for life, and hoped sharing the video would inspire others as well.

“Just watching her joy and hearing her laughter made me appreciate the little things in life so I wanted to share that with the world!” Joana Zanin said.

Miller hinted that a future video may be on the way, one that features her out of the chair and dancing. We can’t wait to watch, and maybe do a little dancing of our own.

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